Final meeting from 30.06.2014 to 03.07.2014

SessionThe participating teachers in the project “Encouraging horse and animal care assistants for taking professional action” from the partner schools in Germany, France, The Netherlands and the Czech Republic and Mrs. Daniela Scherzer, representing the project partner company HIT-Aktiv-Stall (in Germany), met at the Berufliche Schule in Münsingen to conclude and fill in the final report for the project.

Parts of the final report have to be identical for all the participants so that it was necessary to discuss and decide how to fill in the different sections of the form. Moreover the meeting offered the chance to reflect the positive and critical sides to the project to improve for future projects. All in all it was a big workload to do which demanded a lot of concentration and brain work. To find the balance between work and a broader spectrum the program also gave enough space for sightseeing and cultural highlights. On the first day of the meeting the participants visited the Castle of Lichtenstein, the Bärenhöhle and the monastery garden in Offenhausen. 








On the second day we were inspired by the tour round the Haupt-und Landgestüt Marbach and a guided tour through the City of Ulm. Very impressive there was the Ulm Cathedral, the fisher-quarter, the tanner - quarter and the modern and historical architecture side by side in the City. On the way back to Münsingen we took the chance to stop at the “Blautopf” in Blaubeuren to admire the wonderfully blue-green spring of the river “Blau” in sunset-light.


Each day of the meeting took place in a very highly motivated atmosphere and in harmony, so that the small group of participants always finished the day by having dinner together with time to laugh and spread a cheerful atmosphere.

We, the coordinators of the project, would like to thank our colleagues from the Netherlands, France, and the Czech Republic and from the HIT-Aktiv-Stall for the excellent and procreative cooperation. We wish them always good ideas to start new projects which could lead us together again.


Juli 2014