Preparatory meeting in Münsingen

From 11th to 14th December 2011 the Berufliche Schule Münsingen was the meeting point for the preparatory meeting to apply for the partnership "Encouraging assistant instructors for vocational action skills". Aims, contents and activities were fixed. To achieve the approval of a Leonardo da Vinci partnership you have to be at least three different partner institutions from three different European countries (including Germany) which have to take part in the programme for lifelong learning. One of these partners has to come from the world of work. These preconditions were fulfilled by representatives of a vocational school from Montmorillon (France), Kladruby nad Labem (Czech Republic) and Geldermaalsen (The Netherlands). The participant from the world of work was represented by HIT-Aktivstall.

The partnership is designed to confront horse and animal care - apprentices / students with the topic horse keeping in Europe. Advisory support is given by the company HIT-Aktivstall, which designs and builds species-appropriate stables for horses.

Horses living in the wild in Europe are observed and their behavior is documented. The results of the observations are basic considerations to work on criteria for species-appropriate horse keeping.

By visiting and analyzing different stables with different ways of horse keeping the apprentices /students collect ideas to realize the criteria resulting from the observations made before. The ideas and experiences conclude in planning species-appropriate horse keeping systems that have to be valued under economic aspects considering customer - satisfaction and work - efficiency.

The topic enables the participants to enlarge their knowledge in their field of work and to sharpen their sensitivity in caring for horses in general. The apprentices are prepared for their future work-life by giving them a wide range of different possibilities to keep horses species-appropriate.

Besides the "horse knowhow" the apprentices gain a lot of skills which are necessary to survive in today´s world of work.

The preparatory meeting did not leave out the cultural aspects and gave the participants an impression of Münsingen in a guided tour round the town. Last but not least the State Stud Marbach was the most important place of interest to see the stables, their surroundings and various horse breeds.  

The financial support of the partnership was applied for and meanwhile approved by the EU-programme for lifelong learning "Leonardo da Vinci Partnership".